Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who I am

Since I became ill in 2003, spirituality has become a much bigger part of my life. It happened slowly, but the more I explored alternative healing modalities, such as meditation, the more I found comfort in realizing that we are all part of something much greater that our "selves."

I try to do something everyday to make sure I stay connected to this idea, usually some type of meditation or Qi Gong. Of course, I don't actually do this everyday (I am human!) but most days I do.

The type of Qi Gong I do is called Kuan Yin Standing. Kuan Yin, in layman's terms, is the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion. The closing movement in the series one is instructed to envision themselves as a white crane in the snow surrounded by light.

The second collage I made while taking The Artist's Way class was inspired by this idea.

It is titled "Recovering What Was Lost"


  1. I really like your post. I think I'll enjoy your blog because I also have an interest in spitituality.

  2. Wonderful post! Love your collage and the spirit behind your art! :)

  3. Just wanted to thank everyone for the lovely comments :)

  4. My spirituality has gotten me through my health issues as well. I do a Qi Gong exercise, not sure if it has a title, but it's for renewng energy. I forget to do it sometimes... thanks for reminding me. :)