Monday, June 14, 2010

My Birthday Trip

For my 41st birthday on Friday (how did that happen?!,) my husband and I took a day trip to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Although I grew up very close by, in Lawrenceville, I had never been there before.

Recently, I have been reviewing The Artist's Way program by Julia Cameron, and one theme that runs throughout is the idea that your artist is a child who loves to be nurtured and to play! It is important to revisit what inspired you as a child and to try to recapture the joy and wonder you felt when everything was new. I am very lucky I had a childhood rich in art, literature, and music, and draw on these images all the time while creating my own art.

I felt my visit to Grounds for Sculpture was like stepping into a fairytale! Even the restaurant there (which was amazing by the way) is inspired by a children's book, The Wind In the Willows. At 35 acres, everywhere you turned were gorgeous works of art, secret passage ways, gardens, and trails that led to magical surprises.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise for me personally, was looking for a place to get a drink and running into a family of Peacocks! Moms, Dads, and babies strolling around!

I couldn't help but recall my favorite childhood birthday memory. I had just turned 5 and we took a birthday party trip to a petting zoo where I saw a Peacock. The peacock opened his feathers that day, and I truly believed it was just for me! So hanging out with a peacock, feathers wide open, on my 41st birthday, was incredibly symbolic.

My "artist child" couldn't have been happier!