Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why 111?

About 3 or 4 years ago (it was summer I believe) I started seeing the numbers 1111 everywhere! When I glanced at a digital clock, on store receipts, and once, my stopwatch went haywire (granted I was in a sauna) and stopped on this very number!

Out of curiosity, I googled "numerology and 1111." One of the first listings that came up asked"Are you someone who has been seeing 11:11 everywhere?" To say I was unnerved would be an understatement! I am much more open to things unseen at this point in my life, but at the time this sort of phenomena was very new to me.

Here is a bit from what I read

Whenever you see the sequence 111 or 1111 show up, it is a great sign of a golden opportunity. Both sequences mean that a "doorway" has opened up in which your intentions and goals will manifest extremely quickly. The Angels have taught me to focus my thoughts and intentions whenever I see 111 or 1111, almost like making a wish when a cake with candles is presented to you - Doreen Virtue

I still see this number combination all the time. In fact, if you look at the time stamp of my very first blog entry back in April, it reads 11:11 (this was a total coincidence, not planned!)

So this is where the title of my Etsy shop 111 Collage Design comes from. Make a wish!


  1. Yeah I vist a forum that discusses this quite frequently. I have never come across it myself, but I have heard a lot of people that have. Are you quite intuitive?

  2. great story! i'll have to keep that in mind for the next time i notice 11:11 on the clock...

  3. happy to find your blog. hope you stop by and say hello. x

    happy weekend.

  4. I just saw your post in the etsy forum about names and wanted to check out your story. That's totally cool. I think we tend to get away from seeing signs and listening to what the universe is telling us.

  5. Thanks Julie! Yes, I think if we stop to look and listen there are many signs from the Universe always right there in front of us :)