Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Won A Vacation!

In August, I actually won a vacation in an internet contest!!! My husband and I just spent 5 nights in a gorgeous 2 story ocean front villa last week in Kiawah, South Carolina!!!

Almost as surprising as winning were other people's reactions. Most people assumed there was a "catch," that we would be spending a day in a time share presentation, or something equally horrid as a result of our winning a vacation. I enter contests all the time, and I figure most of them are legit. I mean, some one has to win, why not me?!

Anyway, we simply just won! Maybe the sponsor had an ultimate ulterior motive that we'll never know about besides general promotion of their properties, but upon arriving we received a huge gift basket and had our photos taken. Otherwise, we were completely left alone :)

If you have never been to Kiawah (or heard of it,) it is a beautiful island about 30 minutes outside of Charleston South Carolina. It is known for being relatively undeveloped, so nature abounds, as well as golf (which my husband thoroughly took advantage of!)

I am a beach girl myself, so I spent most of my time by the ocean. There were so many interesting birds, but what surprised me the most were the large number of crows on the beach. As I feature crows in my artwork quite a bit, I felt a strong connection to them. There were also butterflies everywhere you turned - even outside the supermarket! Taking the ramp to the beach it was not unusual to have about 10 gorgeous butterflies cross your path.

So I would definitely recommend a visit to Kiawah Island, SC! And that, in of itself, may have been the whole point the contest promoters giving away a vacation, I suppose :)