Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Blog Posts Every Artist Should Write Part 2

So today I am going to tackle question #2 in my ongoing series "5 Blog Posts Every Artist Should Write" suggested by this article on the website Imaginative Bloom: Your specialty and why you choose it. To see my first response in this series, click here

I consider myself a mixed media collage artist, but the mixed media part came later. Initially, I found myself drawn to paper collage. The collage part was easy and natural: I've always loved cutting things from paper, and even though nobody believes me, I really don't feel I can draw well. Paper alone was my first medium of choice and many of my early collages were 100% paper and glue.
Red Bird Listening Paper Collage

Eventually, I felt myself wanting to add more depth and texture to my work. Creating what was in my minds eye with only paper was just not happening! The only problem was I was terrified of paint! I am self taught, and paint seemed very daunting and permanent. I mean, didn't you have to go to art school to use paint?! Slowly, I began teaching myself techniques using acrylic paint, and now I prefer to incorporate it into my work rather than not!

A New Day paper, acrylic, and ink on canvas

I also learned to use ink for shading and texture, making my work truly mixed media!

Nothing Happens Alone Paper, acrylic, and ink on canvas