Monday, August 29, 2011

My Favorite Materials

My stash of paper organized by color

I suppose every artist a favorite medium or two to work with. As a collage artist, by far, my favorite is paper. I had been collecting paper for years, even before I had any inkling I would become a collage artist myself! I guess a tiny unspoken part of me knew deep down I would need it some day - funny how our truth calls to us in ways we don't understand at the time.

So I thought I would share some photos of my paper collection, in addition to some other materials I've collected more recently that I love to work with. I'm amazed sometimes I have any room to create anything at all with all this stuff!

Bins full or more paper sources - old calendars and maps

More paper - rolls that are to large to fit anywhere else,
so I have them in a gift wrap organizer

And of course the scraps I could never throw away!
I keep them organized by color in Ziploc bags!

Honorary Mentions

My collages wouldn't be collages without the glue - here is my favorite Liquitex fluid matte medium. Holds most light to medium weight paper, dries clear, and makes a great top coat/sealant. Love it!

In the past year or two I have really begun to
incorporate acrylic paint into my work

And finally, my Ranger Distress Ink.
I love to use this ink (applied with my finger) for shading and definition.
It can really make a piece come to life!

If anyone would like to share their favorite materials, I'd love to hear!

xo Abby


  1. PS. When I was collaging, mulberry paper was my favorite!

  2. I make jewelry, so glass pearls and antique brass findings are my favorites. But close behind is Liquid Stitch! It saves me the trouble of using my evil sewing machine. :-)

  3. I love paper too! I have two bins of nothing but paper. The problem is I am a jewelry artist and I have storage boxes filled with hardware and jewelry supplies. One day maybe I can make the two work together.

    Looks like you have lots of good stuff in your stash of paper.

    Everyday Inspired

  4. Thanks for sharing your materials and letting us in with a peek at your set up. My hubby and I are both artists and are creating a studio in one of our living areas. The HOW TO is the big leap. This was really helpful. Hopefully before too long, I can post pictures showing my materials and set up. Always enjoy visiting! Rae

  5. Thought I was the only one that uses the Liquitex matte medium...I love it too!! Love the peek into your stash. Thanks for sharing :)