Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Show Opening!

I am very excited to announce the opening reception of my solo art show is this Sunday, May 1st 12-2 pm at the Pebble Hill Gallery in Doylestown, PA! The show will be displayed through the month of May.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

New Work Part 3

Hard to believe my solo art show is about 2 weeks away! Here is another new collage titled Heaven and Earth that will be featured in the exhibit.

Heaven and Earth
Mixed Media Collage (paper, acrylic, ink)
on Canvas 20" x 30"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How I Became an Artist

Recently I came across a very interesting article titled 5 Blog Posts Every Artist Should Write on a website called Imaginative Bloom. I have decided to answer these questions in an ongoing series.

Today I will tackle question #1 - How you became an artist. The reasoning behind writing this blog post is that it will help readers feel more connected to you. I personally often waver over how much of myself to expose on the internet. I admire those people who "let it all hang out" but at the same time feel like I would be too exposed if I did that myself. I even read advice from one very successful artist who said her sales increased significantly when she deleted all personal information about herself from her website and recommended everyone to do the same!

I do happen to think the story of How I became an artist is really interesting though, and worth sharing again for those who haven't heard it, so here it goes!

How I became an Artist
First of all, I have been an artist for less than 5 years! If I stop to think about it, it is still quite new and unexpected. Being an artist was never what I had planned for myself in a million years (although maybe deep down it was something I secretly wanted, but never thought could happen.) I actually have a Master's degree in something completely unrelated - Speech Language Pathology- and worked in that field for several years. I suppose I imagined that that was it for me career-wise, and I would be doing that job the rest of my life.

Of course, I have since learned, we don't have a whole lot of control over certain things. In 2003 I became severely ill due to chronic Lyme Disease and had to stop working in my previous career that was highly demanding and stressful (I worked primarily in Rehab hospitals with Brain Injury and Stroke patients)  This led me a couple years later to take a local class called "The Artist's Way" based on the book/program by Julia Cameron. I had always been kind of "crafty" as a hobby, but never considered myself an "artist" in anyway, shape, or form. For fun, I decided to make a collage and bring it in to the class for a kind of "Show and Tell." Well, the response was overwhelming! The teacher of the class wound up buying that first collage, and within a few months I found myself accepting commissions, having my work in local stores, and being accepted into a juried art show!

It hasn't all been easy though. There has been a huge learning curve in terms of technique as well as marketing myself, and I have still been dealing with ongoing health issues, that at times have made doing anything incredibly challenging.

I am, however, having my first solo art exhibit in a few weeks!!
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As a person who hasn't been an "artist" for all that long, this is a pretty amazing place to conclude the story of How I Became An Artist, if I do say so myself!

To be continued.....