Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Blog Posts Every Artist Should Write Part 2

So today I am going to tackle question #2 in my ongoing series "5 Blog Posts Every Artist Should Write" suggested by this article on the website Imaginative Bloom: Your specialty and why you choose it. To see my first response in this series, click here

I consider myself a mixed media collage artist, but the mixed media part came later. Initially, I found myself drawn to paper collage. The collage part was easy and natural: I've always loved cutting things from paper, and even though nobody believes me, I really don't feel I can draw well. Paper alone was my first medium of choice and many of my early collages were 100% paper and glue.
Red Bird Listening Paper Collage

Eventually, I felt myself wanting to add more depth and texture to my work. Creating what was in my minds eye with only paper was just not happening! The only problem was I was terrified of paint! I am self taught, and paint seemed very daunting and permanent. I mean, didn't you have to go to art school to use paint?! Slowly, I began teaching myself techniques using acrylic paint, and now I prefer to incorporate it into my work rather than not!

A New Day paper, acrylic, and ink on canvas

I also learned to use ink for shading and texture, making my work truly mixed media!

Nothing Happens Alone Paper, acrylic, and ink on canvas

Monday, June 6, 2011

Always Remember to Sing!

These paisley birdies would like to remind you to always remember to sing!

This original 8" x 10" mixed media collage is now available in my etsy shop. Chirp!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Look What I Saw!

A few weekends ago visiting my hometown area of Princeton, NJ, I came across this bus. How cool is this?! Since seeing it, I have made an effort to consciously be kinder in my day to day life.

Big gestures are great, but even little things like being patient waiting in a line, really listening when someone is speaking to you, or even a smile can have a huge impact on someone's day. In turn, that person might be a little kinder to those they encounter. Also, I've noticed it actually is fun to make a conscious effort to be kind to others. Just sayin'.....