Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Art is Messy

After being an artist for over 5 years now, I have come to the conclusion that art is messy. I know I'm stating the obvious, but I'm a person who is very sensitive to their environment and likes things to be neat. Unfortunately, I don't really like cleaning, especially when it comes to arty messes I've made. And I really can't stand cleaning my brushes.

Guilty confession: during artistic "down times" when I'm not creating my brushes can sit it water for weeks - it's gross you guys! And then I just wind up throwing them out anyway.

I do try - here are some pictures of how organized I am when I clean up. You may notice looking at these pictures that my "studio" (3rd bedroom) is a repository of our old Ikea cast offs. Look how nicely everything is arranged in this Billy bookcase!

And here everything is stored neatly in Ikea Antonius drawers.

It is slowly dawning on me that even if one day I have the studio of my dreams (a bright loft with several large work spaces, ample storage, great light, beautiful views) I will still make a mess! And I still won't like cleaning it up.

So last week I decided to let it go - I didn't worry about the messes I made or cleaning up afterwards. I was nice and freeing and probably lended to the creative process itself! The only problem is now I don't have anywhere to work! So guess what I'll be doing today....


  1. My husband finally bought me a huge wicker hamper to corral my yarn. (I think he was tired of seeing yarn everywhere.) Even non-messy creative pursuits can get messy!

    1. Oh - I have a lot of yarn too - I knit as a hobby :) I think I have it stashed in a closet somewhere!

  2. I think when you are creating a little chaos is required when creating. I make jewelry and my work space is usually messy, but I like it that way. I am glad you let go of the notion that your space needs to be clean and neat, and I hope your little bit of chaos inspires you!
    Everyday Inspired