Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking It Outside Part II

© Abby Sernoff 2012 

A while ago I wrote about photographing some of my original art outside. Last week I decided it was time to re-photograph some of my art prints. I love my prints (I order them online from IPrintFromHome) but I felt my current photographs on Etsy weren't really doing them justice.

Many artists on Etsy photograph their art for sale hanging on a clothesline - I love the way this looks and decided I wanted to try it. First, I had to find a clothesline and clothespins. This is not as easy as it sounds - I guess they're not so popular anymore! Then I had to come up with a good place to hang my clothesline outside. For someone with my amateur photography skills (and no real desire to improve them) the natural light in our house is terrible for photographing art, so it was important to hang the clothesline outside.

I originally had taken some photos of my prints hanging with trees in the background, but it looked way too distracting, so I finally settled on the stucco wall in the back of our house. There were even some hooks already attached to the wall since the previous owners had used a clothesline to dry their clothes. I initially thought this was quaint (they definitely weren't environmentalists) until we moved in and realized the dryer was broken....well that's a story for another day!

Here are some of my new photos (the prints are all available in my Etsy shop )

"Recovering What Was Lost II" © Abby Sernoff 2012 

"You Are Important" © Abby Sernoff 2012 

"Nothing Happens Alone" © Abby Sernoff 2012 

Ready For Balance © Abby Sernoff 2012 

"White Mountain Bird"© Abby Sernoff 2012 

"Treees Can Grant Wishes" © Abby Sernoff 2012 

"Acceptance/Integration" © Abby Sernoff 2012 

"I Will Bloom" © Abby Sernoff 2012 


  1. Very nice. I love your work - Nothing Happens Alone stands out to me in particular. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you - that is one of my favorites too!

  2. Looks wonderful! I want to do this, too, when I begin offering prints of my work.

  3. Your new prints look wonderful! I really like the stucco background. I love nothing happens alone.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. I like how the setting gives them breathing room!

  5. Wonderful idea. We have a window sill where we photograph mosaics, not glamorous but nice light. I love nothing Happens Alone