Friday, November 16, 2012

New Additions To My Art Studio

Recently I've become more proactive in organizing my art studio (I imagine joining Pinterest recently has had a little something to do with this!)

I've been having fun finding items generally used for home and kitchen organization and using them for storage in my art studio! Here are some of my new finds:

A free standing spice rack to store all my paints - I used to keep them in a paint storage box, but I love having them out and accessible! 

initially tried this old spice holder we already had but it was a little too wide to store the paint well, so I wouldn't recommend it.

I guess this is to store mail or magazines? It's perfect hanging in my art studio for all those odds and ends I never have a place for as well as a quick way to file business related papers. 

Plastic storage drawers are a no-brainer, but I recently started labeling them (I could really write a whole separate blog post about how much I love my label maker!) I used to keep some of these items organized in baskets, but the drawers are much more convenient and take up less space!

Here I am using a pot lid rack to store some of my canvases - it works really well! I think I might get another! 

I would love to hear about any other ideas for craft room/art studio storage!


  1. I use plastic magazine holders used by libraries to store sheets of glass

  2. I love the idea of upcycling items. What great ideas, it's nice to have a nice organized studio. I am going to start working on mine after the holidays.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. Would definitely used this but plastic is banned in my city so, guess that is the end of that dream. Anyway, best wishes from Brisbane Graphic Design.