Friday, September 28, 2012

Illustration Friday - Book

This week's topic for Illustration Friday is "Book." I made this gold tree collage using a page from a 1931 encyclopedia!

© Abby Sernoff 2012 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Got Something in the Mail!

I love getting mail - it is so rare to get an actual personal letter these days. I have always loved getting mail since I was a child - I would anticipate the mailman's approach and run to the mailbox as soon as I could. I still like getting the mail, but it's usually not very exciting these days.

Look - I taught myself how to block out things with Photoshop!

So, I was very excited when this letter arrived! A few weeks ago, the dynamic artistic duo Margaret Almon and Wayne Stratz of Nutmeg Designs commissioned me to make a collage - how flattering! You can read Margaret's blog post about it here. I have been given free reign to create whatever I want, but only asked to incorporate Wayne's colored pencil drawing into my collage. This is going to be fun!

Beautiful colors drawn by Wayne

 Wait, there are two drawings!!!!  This one is also lovely!

To be continued......

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Gift of Art - Celebrating my Parent's 50th Anniverary

© Abby Sernoff 2012 

My parents recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary! They are just amazing inspiring individuals and have been huge supporters of both me and my art.

I wanted to make them something special as a gift, so I created a collage incorporating one of their wedding photos. I never ever saw my parents wedding pictures growing up-  they were lost until a couple years ago when my Dad discovered them in the back of a desk drawer (very exciting as you can imagine!)

© Abby Sernoff 2012 

I also had a bunch of my late grandparents cards they received for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1980 (don't ask - I keep everything,) so I thought it would be neat to incorporate these cards in the collage too.

So, here it is:

© Abby Sernoff 2012 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!