Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things I Learned on My Visit to the Aquarium

Recently, my husband and I visited the Camden Aquarium in Camden, N.J. We live in Suburban Philadelphia, so this was a pretty quick trip for us. I had been wanting to visit the aquarium for a while - it's one of those local things you always mean to do but don't get around to.

I had come across an ad for their turtle exhibit, and I was in!! I love turtles and they are one of my favorite art subjects (second only to birds.) I am in awe of  the age of their species (the earliest known turtles date from 220 million years ago,) and the odds they overcome to survive. 


In addition to spending quality time with the turtles, here are some other observations I made during our trip....

There is this really cool fish sculpture outside of the aquarium - I love it! 

When I see the fish at the aquarium, my excitement parallels the small children who I believe make up the aquarium's target demographic (with their parents of course!) I think this is because where I grew up, there wasn't an aquarium nearby. While I went on many trips to museums etc, aquariums weren't in my realm of experience. So, seeing these beautiful aquatic creatures really puts me in the mindset of a small child seeing them for the first time (in Buddhism this is referred to "beginners mind")  

Seahorses actually hold tails as part of a courtship ritual...awwww - so romantic! 

And last but not least, sea cucumbers can be trouble makers! The one in the lower left of this photo is named Larry is known to be quite a rascal among aquarium staff :)

xo Abby 

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  1. I love seeing animals in "real life" - I am also one of those people who get as giddy as kids over a fascinating creature.