Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Got Kittens!

I am proud to introduce our new kittens Franklin and Amelia! They are 9 week old litter mates and really couldn't be any cuter! While I've had cats most of my life, this is my first experience with kittens this young and we are having a lot of fun (they are asleep in my lap as I write this!) Today is their second full day with us.

I do want to mention that we recently lost our 17 year old cat Carmela. (I'm not ready to post a picture of her yet) We still miss her, and it's hard to know when to bring new animals into your life after the passing of a pet. My husband and I felt ready and I figure life is to short to postpone kitty cat love :)

xo Abby


  1. Yes, kitty love is a joy! Your new kittens are awesome.

  2. Adorable! Having two kittens are so much fun. We lost our two oldest cats and we miss them so much. We have four others to keep our laps warm and our hearts full.